Lable causing cartridge to jam

I have tried 2 cartridges in my form 2. Each time the large square label on the back of the cartridge has torn and made it difficult to insert or remove the cartridge. My simple solution is to remove the label. Has anyone else seen this issue ?

The labels on my bottled Formlabs resin peel (but not tear). Assuming they didn’t change the bottle resin or label adhesive this seems entirely possible.

Depending on where you live the cold temps in transit may have allowed the label to start peeling up pre-maturely. The solution may be as simple as rubbing the label back down to ensure there are not free edges to get snagged.

i think i am having a same issue. i am trying to remove my black resin cartridge from the form 2 but it is stuck and won’t come out… it feels like something is holding the cartridge from coming out…

how did you end up removing it? by sheer force?

Open the cover and see if the seam in the cartridge is hanging. I does take a little force.

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