Printing issue for formslab form 2

Hello, I have a formlabs form 2 3d printer and i am using clear resin v4 after all inserting the cartridge and resin tank printer is showing all are done, I am happy so, I am printing a my product after a long time I see that my product is not printed but supports are printed , I am thinking that why my product is not printed and cheeking my setting all are ok , so i am trying reagain but result is same as previous. anybody guy fix my this problem issue and also why this problem is issued for me and anyone. If you known that how to fix this problem then contact me and reply me.strong text

Sounds like your part broke free from it’s supports and pieces are probably floating around the resin tank. When this happens you need to clean up the resin by straining it through a 190 micron paint filter before doing another print. As for why it broke off, you need to post a screen shot from preform so we can see what your supports look like.