Keep a little tube of lube on hand

My Form1 started making unhappy noises the other day. Kind of a growling, chattering noise which is typical of a stuck stepper motor. Turns out it was excessive friction on the main leadscrew. You just need to lube the screw with Magnalube-G and you’re back in business. If you regularly order from a supply house like McMaster, go ahead and order a tube. McMaster has it for $5 ( ). You’ll be glad you have it on hand when the original lube gives it up.

You are talking bout the long screw that moves the platform up and down right? They should send some lube included, my machine has not yet printed 1 litter and is already screaming when the platform goes down to start.

Is there any possibility of little bits of grease flinging off onto the small mirrors just under the screw?

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