Just got my F1 - Any Dos and Don'ts bevore I start printing?

I think the headline says ist quite clear - are there any prominent “first use”  problems i shold know about?

Before you start using the Form1 (I presume that it is not the From1+), document the laser spot with photos using the “laser spot test”. The instructions are available for the test in a couple of the the other threads. When your prints start failing, you’ll be able to compare the appearance of the laser focus before and after.



Thx for the tip, just did it.

Looks fine to me, one sharp spot ~ 0,1 x 0,1 mm wide.

Resin is in the machine, lets go…

Bender approves this printer…

Great! And thanks for letting everyone know what a new laser is supposed to look like out of the box. If I were you, I would do the laser spot test every so often, especially after doing several large prints, to see what it looks like. Post again with pictures if your prints start failing and include pictures. Good luck!