Jumbo craft popsicle sticks for resin cleanup tasks


I’ve been using jumbo wooden craft popsicle sticks to perform basic swiping tasks where resin might be … most notably on the build platform plate … in order to get all the left over resin after a print back into the tank. You can use them to scrap the plate, and to rub against the tank to get resin back into the tank … they probably do absorb some of it … but I imagine not much … they can also be used to stir the tank, as long as you’re not overly zealous scrapping the PDMS layer on the  bottom. I find the jumbo ones are easier to handle with rubber gloves on … but I suppose the smaller ones might work as well …

These are cheap and recyclable. After use, resin can be easily cured on them and they can be disposed of responsibly or stored in a baggie.

I got mine at Walmart, but you can get them at amazon, or pretty much other craft store locations.



I’m not sure if Form is shipping with this, but perhaps it would be nice to add a few? It might offset some support tickets about messy conditions causing issues. Form might even laser etch some of them with text and logo for that professional touch that matches the rest of the platform and package?


We decided to laser etch … hope Formlabs doesn’t mind. We couldn’t find a suitable vector, so we traced the raster of the butterfly logo.

The laser etching looks nice. How did you do that?

With this … a lolzer laser cutter suitable for engraving and light material cutting.

Scott, these look so cool!  A great idea for managing resin cleanup.  Not to mention, quite handsome with that butterfly.  Thanks for sharing!!