Resin Tank scraper

So I have been hesitant to rake that metal putty knife that comes with the form1 across the bottom of my tank.  I looked around the house for a substitute and found the perfect tool.  I had a leftover wallpaper smoothing tool about 6" across made from stiff rubbery plastic (PME I think).  I cut mine in half as its easier to use that way and it works like a charm.  I use it to stir my resin and check the bottom of the tank for cured resin bits and cloudiness - which it does with a little pressure while holding the tool at a 45 degree angle.  A few swipes back and forth across the whole tank in both axis and done.

I had found mine at the local DIY in the paint and wallpaper tool section. Similar tools are also used in cake decorating like this one -



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I hit my supplied putty knife with a fine file, putting a slight radius on the blade edge, as well as adding radiuses to the corners (about .0625 radius). Now it feels good using it, and it’s not scary :smile:

One minor annoyance are the molded in tank-level indicators on the sides of the tank (guess that’s their purpose) as they kind of get in the way of the blade.

I’m using this and it’s tons better than the included scraper.

Never used the metal scraper FL included. Think I threw it in the toolbox.

^ that’s a nice tool @TeckWeeTan thanks for sharing

That looks like a great idea, think I’ll snag one and cut some slots in it to sift out any lumps. My little laser should zip through that material pretty easy.