Tank cleaning tip

Hi folks,

Recently I had to clean up the bottom of the tank from a failed print. In the past using a metal scraper I have done some damage to the soft bottom layer and wanted to be careful as it was a large failed print.

So, I took a plastic scraper sold as part of a kit for cleaning glass stove tops and tried that.

It is softer than metal and lacks the sharp edges but it still gets the bottom neatly clean - much easier to use than a paint scraper type tool.

The one I used was from Weiser and is sold as part of the glass stove top cleaning kit. It’s nice to work with so I thought I’d share.

Weiser or Weiman? Can you share a link? Is it the tank for a Form 3 or 2?
Thanks for sharing

Weiman, you’re right.

I took a look and it looks like their current offerings have a metal razor blade scraper. I can see why, while the plastic one is great for the tank, it was kind of crap on the stove.

I’m using it for a Form2 tank btw. Long Term tank.

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