Jeep rim center caps

Went 4 wheeling a while back… ended up losing a couple of rim center caps. Wanted to try the tough resin and it worked out well. This was the lower accuracy test with no finish prep. Added in our boat building company logo and just shot it w/ semi chrome spray paint. Snapped in better than originals. Next run will be max resolution and a proper post finish.

Also is the not so pretty bucket curing test… hahaha! Had some waterproof strips from a boat project, a bucket, The part in the bucket is the sectioned jet engine available online. Doing a project for the local college, but will post updates soon.


Solid 24hr run… 10 for the Jeep caps and 14 for the jet stuff. May need more wattage for the bucket, still learning the post cure. All in all, the prints were w/ tough and they were crisp… really nice. Yeah, I’ve gotta lot to learn on support structure! That balance between angle and print time is quite a conundrum.

@AlexMcCarley, My bucket curing chamber has been in use for a few months. I can see the color changing in the lights and believe it is taking longer for the parts to cure than it did when I first built it. For bigger parts like that I’d guess they’d need about 8 to 12 hours in the bucket to become tack free all around.

Spot on… rotated parts every hour and it ended up close to 12. Still had slight tack, but my prewash technique (ie:patience) needs some improvement.