Newb monster... this thing is a blast!

In my normal manner, go ahead and try something…and as an engineer, break stuff.

So, Millennium Falcon was obvious, right? I’ll also admit that many discussions have occurred between me, myself, and I on how to get this thing dialed in. So, that being said… where is the sweet spot for part orientation? Been testing vert vs horiz… layers vs accuracy vs print time. Just curious of the thoughts on the topic from the too many to name expert folks on here. As a newb… many thanks to you guys/gals!

But let me repeat… this thing is a blast. Completely diff from day job with lots of op to help said day job. Yachts, engine rooms, diesels… Kudos Formlabs!


The sweet spot would actually differ depending on the object. In general you want 45 degree angles. It just so happens I am printing something roughly the size and shape of your millennium falcon. Below is the orientation I am printing now, should be considered fairly optimal:

Remember to also vary the placement of your objects on the platform so you do not wear out the PDMS layer in the tank in one continuous spot.

Cool, and thanks for the advice. Ya’ll have a solid forum here that is extremely useful to newbs. Main focus here is now on support density… auto is impressive, but just want to tinker with it.

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With some practice you can usually manually set the orientation and place supports better than the auto feature. It’s best to go at an angle and try to get it to start at a small point so that it builds up the layers. Also, as far as orientation goes, any upward facing details will look the best so keep that in mind. Sometimes it’s better to split up an object into pieces so that you can get the best orientation on those parts for sharp details.

Had much better luck on the angle for sure. About time for the first cleanup… a little trash in the tray and a 30hr print didn’t quite get along last night. Hahaha!

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Wafer thin wings @ .05 micron with .75 structure density on auto. .06 contact point. Figured out the manual adjust mode…, pretty work FormGang!

Meeting with our local college next week… and have a full week of printing for the local gang’s kids. We got laser beams! Hahaha!

Still killin brain cells pondering the yin/yang, angle v detail, accuracy v print time v resin volume sweet spot. Many thanks to the lead folks on here!

EBay score! @dremelheavan


Yeah, I have plans for this thing! Baby steps first… already crashed one engine print. Clean tray… only way. Lol!

Yeah, that type of thing is very complex, you’ll have to split it into a bunch of separate parts and assemble it after.

Have a nice selection of diesel assembly files. Them things gag my current station. Let me know if you want to mess with any of them. Next up, have a modular prop print… then tinker w/ an engine block.

Ok, so it’s either a sad lab or a happy kitchen. I haven’t been evicted yet.

Tinkered w/ buff wheel/med grit and scraps. Drone wings should turn out pretty cool. Yeah, had to sacrifice clear lid from the cookware division to control overspray of said medium grit.

Pretty happy with the contact on aft wing edge. 2500 or so layers @ .05. So far, uv cure has been back porch… but it’s been sunny.

Ok, as an old dude… like ProE mid 80’s… had to split g-code to fit on 5-1/4s… ya’ll have ruined me. Lasers in the living room… er lab. UV box underway. Thanks to all!

Also, not my model… trying to track down where it came from for proper creds. But I’ll be reciprocating soon! #promise/virtualhandshake

Dude… you’re not old! I started with ICEM DDN… and graduated to ProE. Back then you needed a $20k SGI Indigo, just to be able to run it… PC’s, didn’t have the balls. Just keep designing shit. It keeps you young.

I still miss that toggle on the Intergraph station that raised n lowered the amber crt’s and menu from heck! Good times!

Graphics boards the size of baking pans. Just wanted to highlight I’m thrilled what the Formgang has done that is currently doing a cool laser show. Good stuff!

So, yeah semi old but newb to 3d print having fun. Parametrics plus Mathlab plus MS Excel plus FormLabs is gonna be fun! Layer 238 zapping now.

Indigo was the deal! They never trusted me to touch one. Hahaha!

Ok, so I feel old. Some cad folks aren’t know for being the healthiest creatures.

Some cad folks aren’t known for being the healthiest creatures… got distracted by the lasers. Am I hurting my retinas watching this thing and who developed the mirror algorithm? Been using 2axis to 7axis large scale… but this laser thing is, well, freaking laser beams. Lol!

Form3… titanium laser sintering. I’m in.

But in all sincerity… does anyone ever graduate or escape ProE?

My high tech UV curing station is rocking at 2 lizards on a scale of 1-5. Had 4 earlier… Proper curing station underway. Thanks for the build info gang!

A little trimming/buffing, and done. This was a very low res obj export, the polygon edges are pretty cool. Wanted a quick proof… minor and expected resolution issues. 4hr print time vs the next one in modular mode with individual blades and hub receivers… 24hrs minimum.

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