2011 Jeep Nukizer body

I’ve never posted any of my prints on here because Ididn’t think they met the cool factor. I think this one dose though. I designed and modeled it in solidworks. The body is the standard clear resin. So are the lenses (took a while to polish clear). The bumpers and rock sliders are done in the durable resin. This is designed to fit on a 1/10 scale rc truck. An axial SCX10 II to be exact. So this is a functional body. We’ll see how long it lasts. Hope you guys like it.


very cool

Wow! This is awesome! What paints, primers did you use if you don’t mind me asking?

I used tamiya color spray paint. AS-3, gray green (Luftwaffe). for the body. And model masters O.D. green for the roof.

Wow! This is beautiful!


Nice work, looks great.

very nice!! great details

It meets the cool factor as far as I’m concerned.

I am very sorry to dig up an old thread.
But this body is so beautiful, I have to contact the maker/creator.
CSauve, would you please contact me. I want to purchase this design/STL files, if possible.
First because this design is much nicer then the lexan version (sold by Axial) and second because no one else has this design available.

I just replied to your email.

So, the email didn’t go through,
Let’s try this:

I’m glad you like my design. I’ll have to think about selling the stl though. That took over a year to design and build and redesign and build (lol). I might be open to it though. I’ll also have to go back and make sure that design is current. I’ve done some redesigning since then and right now the newest design has different features.


Thank you, for considering.
Too bad the e-mail isn’t working. Is there any other way we can get in touch?
And believe me: there are more people interested… I have at least two other friends who are drooling over this design.
Hopefully your decision will be positive.

Shoot me an email to: desertratrcdesign@gmail.com.

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