Radio knob for my car

The radio knob was missing when I purchased my car earlier this year. This weekend I got around to designing and printing a new one. It was going to just be a simple basic knob but then I got a little fancy with it.

Modeled in Fusion 360 and printed on a Form 2 with Durable resin at 50um


Awesome job!


I did a similar, but OEM replacement, with the soft-touch surround on my BMW radio knob. It was absent when I bought the car (used), and the dealer wanted $38… Modeled and printed in Flexible material for about $7 :wink:

Not nearly as flashy as yours, however!

Does Fusion have a feature to make the knurling easy to CAD or did you have to do your own patterns?

I made my own pattern. There might be an easier way. what I did was make two tools that would ‘cut’ in the opposite directions then patterned them 75 times around the central axis. I then combined them into a single body to make it easier for my computer to process. Then I did a boolean cut from my primary body. Since they were straight cuts across a round body it resulted in a slightly concave droop in the middle. This gave it an ergonomic appearance and feel. It was a totally unintentional but ended up being a happy mistake.


Nicely done!

Did you protect it from UV at all? I would be interested to hear how it holds up over time and sun exposure.

Love that dash, the Z3 always made me feel like a pilot. =]

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I didn’t do anything to protect it from UV. I am interested to see how it holds up just bare.