Sectioned turbine for desk display

Print time has been almost a week with no fails. Have noticed the cure bucket lights starting to loose their curing power. However, have burned thru two cartridges on one tray. May have messed up my spare time a bit with finishing time… yeah, some assembly required. Used tough V2 and V3.


Also, model was done by Josh Mings who kindly uploaded to Thingverse and SolidSmack. Nice model that is spec’d to use available ball bearings sets.

Thanks Josh!

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Accuracy has been sweet… minor bolt “adjustments”. Still have the other half of the main fan to go… and yes, I managed to chip a blade. Dangit. Add in rotors/stators and we’ll be done. Overall 7" diameter by 16" long.

Have a little bolt cleanup to do, but that’s easy. Thinking blue fading to red for the pressure diff. Will keep ya posted.