It's normal than the resin "sucks" the building platform?

Hi guys,
I’m printing without any problem, well, just have to Z axys to -.30 in the new resin tank to let the resin stick in the platform, but I think is normal right?
But I saw that in the starting layers when the platform is totally sunken into the resin the peel motor has to do a lot of effort to pull down the resin tank, it seems like the resin suck out the building platform, I saw also that the building platform twist a bit while the resin tank it’s trying to pull down.
The resin is white v2 and it’s new, so has the normal viscosity I think.

Don’t know if I have explain myself right…my english is terrible!!!

It is normal that the build plate squeezes on the resin tank. It is just the way the Form 2 prints. Also, the tilting motion that happens on the first few layers is fine to ensure that they stick well to hold the rest of the weight of your model.

The tank doesn’t pull down, it only moves sideways. The build platform pulls up. But the tank is anchored to a spring-loaded base that allows the entire tank to move down when, for instance, the build platform descends all the way in to the resin tank at the start of a print… The build platform has to “bottom out” on the tank, and if the tank wasn’t spring loaded the platform would crack the bottom of the tank when it did bottom out…

When you start a print, the first thing that’s printed is the “base” which is usually much larger in surface area than the model itself. Particularly with a larger print that has a larger base, there’s a large area of cured resin with no gap between it and the bottom of the resin tank. It’s already been peeled from the resin tank by the sliding motion, but the pressure there is zero PSI and the higher atmospheric pressure will be pressing the tank against that area of lower pressure. As the build platform pulls up the strain increases until the force is enough for it to pull loose, at which point the tank moves down again (it’s spring loaded) and the build platform continues upward.

I think the printer moves the build platform up slightly at the start of the peel to try and prevent this from happening. But if you’ve set the Z at a large negative offset it might not be moving enough to matter.

How did you decide on -0.3mm adjustment for your Z-Axis?

I’m sorry I would want to say 0.03 not 0.3!!
It’s a new resin tank, and when try with 0 Z level nothing stick to the platform…with 0.02 just the pieces in the borders stick to platform, so I try 0.03 and see that pressure to move down the resin tank in the begining of printing, but now I know it’s normal.
Thanks guys!!

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