Is this noise/movement normal?

I ran a print and in the first 10 layers or so, it would do this. It acted like this for about 10 layers and then acted normally. The print was succesfull… but what the hell? Is this normal???

Here is my .form file in case anyone want to check it out.

Well, you have quite the full bottom plane covered by the objects. Means the first layers are large approx as the whole avaialble printing area. This means the suction effect is huge. The Z axis, during the peeling, need to force the detachment because the great adhesion of the first layers to the silicon bottom layer of the tank.

In these case easily happens that the silicon pad is detached or that the tank is deformed and damaged.

I strongly suggest to avoid these kind of wide area prints. Better to print less pieces at time and have more free areas and avoid to create large areas and closed field (they give vacuum effects).

Hope this helps,

you shouldnt print wide area prints if they have vent holes to avoid suction?

See… I know that! Now that you pointed it out, its so obvious i can’t believe that slipped my mind.
I tried to cram as many as possible and in the process I blocked the vent holes… very silly mistake. It looks like it didn’t cause any damage though, I was lucky.

Thanks !

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