How the Form2 peeling works?

few days I have the Form2 and everything fine. I am printing large piece and I notice the typical “suction noise” (the “stump” sound we used to know also with Form1/+).

I thought that the sliding movement of the tank after each cured layer is the system to detach the part from the tank. Sliding of tank and very slow Z movement of the build plate.

Watching the series of the movement I see that before the tank’s sliding the build platform rise up suddenly. Something like 1 mm movement up on Z axis. Then the tank is moved on the right and the build platform move up to allow the wiper to do its job.

But that fast and small first movement of the building plate give a strong stress because suction (obviously the print file is hollowed, air is flowing inside and there aren’t large and full layers).

Question: if the combination of sliding and very slow rising on Z axis is performed in same time… shouldn’t reduce the suction?

Because now seems the only detaching step of the print is related to a fast and strong moving up on Z axis.

I am missing something? How the Form2 reduce the suction force? Please I need someone give me a “bright light” on this dark point (because my ignorence)

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Are you having an issue with the print results though?

Hello, till now no visible issues, the machine is under 10 hours printing and not finish yet. As far as I see seems that everything is going fine.

I asked that just because I am curious to know how the peeling works and the pro and cons of this choise.

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Are you printing a hollow model with no vents towards the build platform? If so, I am surprised you haven’t had any issues. If you have no vent, then the pressure buildup inside your hollow can lead to other troubles (thin walls flexing, deformation of part, etc).

Adding suction forces to the natural sticking of the resin to the tray seems like it could lead to trouble during the peel motion as well.

No. I think it does slide and then lift as two separate operation, but it doesn’t matter either way. Until some resin can get between the print and the bottom of the resin tank, even though the cured resin has been broken free by the slide operation, air pressure is still exerting a big force and holding the print to the resin tank bottom. Tends to happen most with prints that have a large base area, and only while the base is being printed. Nothing you can do about it. But it doesn’t affect the print at all. If it happens while the model is being printed, though, it can affect the print (including breaking it free of the supports). If that’s happening, you can hollow out or vent the model to reduce/prevent the suction effect.


@ themedulla: yes sure the piece is hollowed and there is a large hole near the build plate. I know that need vents and if haven’t for sure the piece stay stucked as a suction cup. Seems some suction force still present because the walls of the piece in some areas are large and the model take the whole central area of printing. Thanks.

@ Randy: ok, got the point, thanks. As wrote here above the model is vent.

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