Curious: Why does the F2 tray slide sideways at all?

Every time I watch my F2 print a layer, it’s very obvious that the print is first pulled vertically straight up, completely detaching from the tray, so that by the time the tray starts it’s sideways slide, there’s actually nothing of the print still touching the tray. From this point of view, I can’t tell what the purpose of the sideways slide is. Can someone clue me in? Thanks!

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It used to do a sideways start, then simultaneous slow sideways + Z move, then just Z, in the olden days.
Then Formlabs ”tweaked” the peel into what you’ve described, supposedly reducing the peel forces.

I don’t get what the point of the sideways move now is either, except to aid in very tough peels (when the initial Z move doesn’t manage to do anything).


It is actually less than optimal to do it this way. It should probably make an extremely small sideways move then an extremely small vertical move prior to any larger move. I believe this is what caused one of my prints to detach from the build platform actually. IT took the path of least resistance and stick to the tank and detached from the build platform.

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