Is it possible to use multiple DNS servers?

The title says most of it. At my company I need to enter an all manual IP configuration. However, we have two DNS servers but I can’t see how to enter more than one even after reading the documentation and browsing this forum. Is there a correct way to enter multiple DNS servers?

You may have two DNS servers, but you only need one. Provided you don’t have a situation where the DNSs are randomly dropping off line (in which case, fix that problem instead), either DNS should be as good as the other and you shouldn’t need to specify a secondary…


You can always use Google’s DNS. It’s open, free and fast. It’s understandable however that an organization might discourage against this, but I can’t imagine it would cause any harm having it on just a printer’s DNS settings. The DNS IP addy is backup is

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You have two dns servers, but no DHCP? If you need consistent numbers, configure the dhcp server by creating dhcp reservations based on the client’s MAC address. That way each box always get the IP you set, but you’re not dealing with each client directly. If it’s an unknown MAC, it gets an address from a dedicated range of IPs. In this way the dhcp leases file will show the MAC of those in the dynamic pool. You can then easily enter them in the reservations pool, giving them the exact IP/mask/dns/ldap/bootable images/whatever you want.

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Thank you for your response. I also thought one should be enough but good to hear this is the case.
We are a university with with about 40 000 students and 7500 employees so I believe they always have a second one as a back up.

I have not yet gotten it to work, but I just tried to register the machine’s MAC address into our system to see if that helps.

Thank you for your response. As you say I don’t believe our IT unit will be too happy with me trying that. And as either of the DNS servers should be enough most likely something else is the issue here. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again!

I’m fortunately not in a position to change anything with the configuration of the network at the university where I work. The IT unit runs with static IP configuration so I can’t change that.
However I now tried to connect the Form2’s MAC address in our system. Perhaps the system rejected the entry of an unknown machine? Thanks for your help, I’ll keep you posted!

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