IPA finishing and pump

Has anyone ever tried using an pump (like a small aquarium pump) in the IPA to help with the agitation when rinsing a print?

I have not but I use a stir plate. I put the stir bar in a beaker with a metallic grill on top to avoid contact with my parts. This works great in helping removing residual resin from them by agitating the IPA.

For example : https://www.amazon.com/Magnetic-stirrer-magnetic-Stirring-Capacity/dp/B072K24X5P/ref=sr_1_6?s=industrial&ie=UTF8&qid=1504873247&sr=1-6&keywords=stir+plate

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A magnetic stir bar is probably going to be the best mechanism for this as far as safety and ease of implementation goes. Pumping IPA can be a bit precarious and Form Wash is setup to use a magnetic stir bar in the bottom of the wash container.