Stirring IPA

I bought a couple of these and they work great. The stirrer fits underneath the wash-basket thing that comes with the printer. I’d been holding the prints in my hand and swishing them around in the IPA. This is a significant improvement.

Parts clean off much better when the IPA is circulating.

I can’t justify the expense of a FL wash station. If you can’t either, this will get you close…


This is a very cool piece of kit, thanks for sharing!

Well, it’s not what I would call “laboratory grade”. But it is cheap and it does the trick… :slight_smile:

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I love to see economical solutions and work-arounds, personally. For my home setup (due to limited space) I use the wash buckets and a small UV chamber that folks would use to help dry nail polish. I mostly print small parts so this setup works well for me despite being nowhere near as robust as the Wash and Cure options.

If you search back through posts from me from a few years ago, you’ll see my instructions on making a UV curing chamber from a clear plastic container with a long UV LED strip wrapped around the outside facing in. (with a wrapping of aluminum foil around that, so the LED light could not escape).

Made it that way so I could fill it with water for resins that needed oxygen-deprived post cure.

It was really inexpensive to make.

I was actually worrying recently that the LEDs had aged and weren’t putting out as much UV as they used to put out. But one night before I went to bed, I laid the container on its side with the top opening pointing at the first-rinse wash tank which was very cloudy, expecting to see that the liquid was still liquid in the morning. To my surprise and delight the entire wash bucket had been turned in to a giant cube of Jello. So I know my LEDs are still kicking off the polymerization process.

2015-01-05 17.07.47

Whoa, that’s really cool! I really love that last photo, it looks like a wormhole or portal out of a Sci-Fi movie! Also interesting to hear how long the LEDs have been alive and kicking.

I have many pictures with parts in the chamber. Like this scale radial aircraft engine…

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Nice trick!
I bought the Anycubic Wash and Cure station. It’s usually around $100-120 USD. Definitely cheap, but works great!

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