Got my Form Wash today and already in service

My Form Wash machine was delivered today and didn’t take long to get it setup and in service including the 2 GALLONS of IPA it devours. But the parts come our real good at a 10 minute setting. I did think the agitation was more vigorous as it just seems to ripple the top of the IPA.

I was thinking this might be good to have for Magic Yellow 7 to do a finish wash of the parts? Not sure it’s worth the cost though.


I purchased two 7" square by 9" high clear plastic containers at the Container Shop. These have a nice slip in lid to keep solution from evaporating. One contains a diluted mixture of Magic Yellow 7 and water. The second is just water. I use the basket from the Form Wash to place items removed from the plate in the solutions. Works great to get the resin off the bottom side of the support base that was stuck to the Build Plate. Plus it cleans up the parts.

One thing I do question is the amount of agitation the Form Wash has. Mine is basically a rippling effect on the top of the API. I thought it was much more rigorous than that.

What does the Magic Yellow 7 do?

Magic Yellow 7 is a safe industrial type detergent. It helps remove the stickiness that the printed pieces have after going through the IPA bath. I use the stainless steel basket that came with the Form Wash and pop the pieces off the build plate into it. Then immerse the basket in the tank of Magic Yellow 7 (diluted 50/50 with water) lifting it up and down to agitate the parts int he solution… Then I switch the basket to a tank of plain water for a final rinse. Dump the pieces out on a heavy paper shop towel to dry before removing the supports.