Material testing after washing with alternate solvents?

Has anyone conducted any testing of parts washed in Yellow Magic 7 or anything besides IPA?

Is there any interest in something like this?

I’ve used Yell Magic 7 but for just getting the last bit of film off the parts. I wouldn’t use it for the basic cleaning fluid.

My question would be the difference between IPA and Either Alcohol and how they affect the resin trays and such.

Thanks. Why would you not consider it for the initial bath?

I don’t see that it removes that much of the resin. It’s for cleaning cooking items and around commercial kitchens, mainly grease film on pots pans and stoves.

Are you talking about YM7?:flushed:

Yes, Yellow Magic 7. I’ve used it here as a secondary wash to remove the light film on washed parts. Never felt it really did much of anything so I stopped using it.