Yellow Magic vs IPA

I know switching to Yellow Magic has been talked about online in the past. I know that YM coagulates versus the IPA that dissolves the resin. When I use the YM as the first rinse the part gets all sticky. I’ve used a very soft brush and a heavier brush to clean with the YM.

I’ve test with 2 washes of YM, 1 YM and 1 IPA, 2 IPA (standard).

I would like to see if anyone else has this issue when using YM or if I am just missing something.

I have the same question, my parts are collecting some of the finer coagulated material. I’m using an ultrasonic cleaner with the YM. I logged in today to see if someone has posted their working YM process. Still searching the forums.

Ok here is what I found:


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So far I can’t get parts all the way clean with yellow magic without mechanical agitation (i.e. brushing).