Indirect Bonding Adhesive

Wanting to know what type of bracket adhesive someone is using to place on the bracket pad for Indirect Bonding Trays (IBT Resin)?

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Hi @backusortho,

I don’t have any recommendations for this particular use-case, unfortunately, but wanted to bump this post so it is more likely to be seen and help get you an answer. I hope someone from the community can assist further!

A little disappointed no one is sharing what type of bracket adhesive is being used. We can’t be the only practice using the IBT Resin.

Hi @backusortho,

I’m sorry to see that this post hasn’t gotten any responses yet; I will say that this is a fairly specific question on a general Troubleshooting section of our forums. If you are part of any Dental-specific forums, that might garner more responses. I am sorry that I don’t have any personal experience here.

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