Impressed with Durable

This was printed in Durable resin to (as intended), mimic polypropylene. It’s a football (soccer for us Yanks) shin guard we did for a client. I’m very impressed with this resin.

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i’ve made all kinds of stuff with it…

And if you use Wicked Engineering’s CureGel with it- the parts are even more impressive.

Could you fill me in on “Wicked Engineering’s CureGel”? I’ve never heard of this and I use the durable resin all the time.

I use the durable resin for my RC bumpers all the time. It works great. But I find that small and fine detail gets lost. And the holes sizes are not always accurate.

I don’t know this for a fact, but I wonder if this is actually Dimethicone Copolyol which is a water soluble silicone.

The curegel from Wicked Engineering is a coating that gives you a better and more consistent post-cure.

You slather it on your part, put it in your cure chamber, and rinse off with water when finished. I’m no expert, but apparently oxygen can inhibit the UV cure of the resin. The gel blocks out the oxygen but is transmissive to the UV light allowing for a better post-cure.

It gave me a much better and more consistent finish. We use it when we have a small number of parts where finish is important. For larger quantities the additional effort of application really added up.

You use this after final isopropyl rinse I’m assuming. Do you trim all the supports first? And finally where do you purchase this?
Thanks for you quick response.

Yes after final IPA rinse.

Whether or not you trim the supports depends on whether you need the support structure in post-cure to minimize warping.

You can get the gel here:

yep- the curegel prevents oxygen from interacting with the part during post cure.
This give a better cure in ALL the resins… though some seem to benefit out of proportion to the others.

In particular Tough and Durable.

I generally leave the supports on, simply so the part is held up to get maximum UV exposure… but it can really be problematic getting the gel to cover the whole surface in and amongst the supports… so sometimes I will trim out some supports just to get the gel on.

Do not apply the gel until the IPA has had time to fully evaporate from the surface of the part- that is, about a half hour after it LOOKS dry.

I use it when I need to optimize strength- its not necessary for more decorative parts. You will also find that it retains the translucency of Durable much better, as well.

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