I’m a dentist, I am DYING to try Begos crown product

So, I understand Formlabs has partnered with a company called Bego, which is going to allow us Dentists to print permanent crowns. Bego told me this Formlabs product would be available in September.

Any updates? Formlabs, if you need a Beta tester, I’m a Dentist and I’ve owned Form printers since 2017 which I use everyday. I’d happily beta test.

My hope is that this product is great, and I can avoid spending 60K on a milking machine. Most crowns are single crowns.

Thats really interesting - Do you know if the material has FDA approval / certification in 3d printed form?

In the EU it only hold certification as a Class II(a) medical device so that is for implantation in the body for a period of between 60 minutes and THIRTY days. That means it can only be used as a dental crown for up to 30 days, but even then it has to be produced as part of a certified process (certified system of scanner, software, material, printer, and post cure devices / process)

You might still need your miller for crowns lasting longer than 30 days!!