I keep not being able to print at .05

so I keep not being able to print at .05 the base always ends blended and not getting stuck at the build platform… It does not happen with .1. I take it was a long shot to print this horizontal, but the surface contact to peel it is not anywhere more than the base of the print itself, and things where not detaching from the supports. So it should worked I think is the base didn’t bend. Shouldn’t the base use more power to cure harder than the rest?

Have you tried lowering the buildplate a little via the fine tune settings?

Changing the base thickness in advanced support settings might help too (the thinner the base, the less times it will get peeled and the less of a chance it will get ripped off the platform - decreasing layer thickness does the opposite, so this might help compensate).

Are you using PreForm 1.8.2? The release notes mention an improvement in settings for Clear V02 at 50 microns.

my vote is for a lowering of the platform (z-offset) as well.

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