I have bad printing way?

Hi everybody i have same bad growing my mirror is clean and my sport are perfect is very thick 1.75 mm as you see in photo where is holding to the plate is 3 mm x30.00 mm round thick and all surfes is 1.75mm

My guess is that there is too much internal structures blocking resin flow. Would work better with minimal if any internal support.

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Yeah, that’s definitely a challenging piece to print. A closed piece like that may also need something in aw ay of a “vent”, or similar orifice that allows for the flow of air in-and-out, to prevent too much pressure from building up inside of the part during the peel process. Some additional supports on the outside may also be helpful.

Did you make that model yourself? I don’t think it was build with the Form1 in mind. It was made for FDM printers based on the supports structure on the inside. That supports structure is causing the problems you are seeing by trapping air and resin in there and then destroying your print from the pressure.

You should clean the inside of the model and manually put some basic supports in there. I’m assuming you would just need 1-3 straight supports and that’s it.

hi monger yes i make that model am cad Jewelry Designer i will do clean the inside let see what will happen thanks for everybody