I found a glue that works!

Hi folks.

I know there are a lot of conversations about resin glues, what works for some doesn’t appear to work for others, different resins don’t work with all glues etc.

With some extensive testing I’ve found a glue that does a damn good job with everything I’ve taken out of the form 2. (All Formlabs resins)

“hpi Ultra-CA Tyre Glue.” It’s a glue ‘badged’ by hpi who make loads of stuff for the RC world. This glue is used for bonding tyres to rims, I can confirm with those components it sticks like poo to a stick and things can go wrong very quickly!

I’ve done some testing with offcuts from the printer today, I haven’t yet found a compound that this glue doesn’t want to play with, even with partially cured areas inside push fit connections.

I’m sure this glue is sold in many different forms, some of the industrial CAs may well be the same thing.

Anyway, thought i’d let you all know and hopefully save some people a bit of time.


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That seems to correlate with the experience of most users and the recommendation of Formlabs employees : Cyanoacrylates work well with esters / acrylate polymers in general and so with SLA resin.

I can add to the mix, “Bostik HARD Plastic” works very well for the standard grey. It’s gooey and pretty controllable, sticks quickly. I’m guessing it will work pretty well for all the standards, maybe not the special stuff.