Custom Plastic Model Parts

Hi Everyone,
Im in the process of making custom 1/72 scale plastic model parts on my Form3. I have experimented with several CA glues and had very inconsistent results. I have read the forums and seen that some recommend using uncured resin for better adhesion of parts. I have two questions.

1- in the forum’s opinion, what is the best resin for parts like this? Im presently using Grey V4 (Opaque) resin.
2- What glues work? I read that hpi Ultra-CA Tyre Glue worked well, but I haven’t tried that one yet. I have tried 5 flavors of CA glue in various viscosities + accelerators and had zero luck. The bonds are brittle and break easily.


Oh - and for those that recommend the uncured resin + using a laser or UV hand-held device, can someone suggest something that they have used that works consistently?

Hello @Rittic ,

Thank you - joining of parts is always interesting.

Cyanoacrylates are a good option and plastic epoxy is also good; for Grey resin, this is fine to spot cure resin as a joining method over small gaps.

You can use a hand laser at 405nm to spot cure and interestingly, a nail spa UV light device works wonders for this method. I would make sure the part is fully washed and cured and the joining points slightly scuffed with sandpaper to help with adherence of whichever bonding method you use.


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