Best glue for repairing broken prints or joining sections?

If a piece broke off of a printed object what would  the best glue or other method be for repairing? Would certain glues damage the material?

If you haven’t seen it already, here’s another thread over in the “Share Tips and Cool Prints” forum…

Resin + Laser Pointer = Awesome Glue!

I did see that one thank you! I’ll definitely try that, I would however still like to know about any gluing issues or best choices

Gel super glue (make sure you get the gel kind) or epoxy work well on most SLA parts.

OK, I just wanted to be sure it wouldnt melt it or just not bond at all so thanks!

I’ve found that CA Model glue is perfect for the clear as it dries with the same color clear and sanding abilities, I would highly suggest using the CA Accelerator as well to speed up your repair times.