Best Method To Hold Pieces In Place While Glue Dries?

Hello all! Newbie Form 2 owner and first post to the forums!

When gluing small parts together, like a model to a base or maybe a part of a model that has broken off back on, I find that my hands tend to shake too much for the Gorilla glue to get a good hold… I’m wondering what I might be able to do to help steady it? I was thinking maybe using clay, but wanted to get a feel for what others might be doing!

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance if you respond!

Freeze ray!

But seriously, get yourself some kind of a “third hand” gizmo. Like this:

Also, try using a CA accelerant (“kicker”).

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I want to give a +1 to @Ante_Vukorepa’s suggestion on CA accelerant and also commented to check that you are using a gorilla glue brand CA/super glue and not the traditional urethane (?) based beige foamy gorilla glue. CA is excellent on SLA parts!

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Use the resin to glue parts together with a handheld laser pen that is in the 407mn range.
Take a toothpick dip it in the resin tray apply to the parts and then use the laser pen to illuminate the connection point.

I use the laser pen that comes with Bondic. $12 at Walmart or Amazon. You can use the resin that comes with the Bondic.