Glue for Flexible Material

Hello all, wondering if anyone can recommend an adhesive for gluing the flexible material. I tried RTV Silicone with no luck. Thanks.

Did you try using the resin itself and curing it with a 405nm laser pen ? The lasers cost a few bucks on eBay and for the other resins at least it works very well.

No I haven’t tried that, good suggestion.

It should also be noted that I’m trying to pair two different materials, flexible and a hard plastic from a polyjet printer.

I can’t speak to the efficacy of the resin welding technique if you’re using a polyjet machine (though it should still work relatively well), but Gorilla Glue is decent for bonding flexible parts. It’s urethane based and has a bit more give than other epoxies like cyanoacrylate.

Isn’t polyjet material also an acrylate resin of some sort ? I have never used them but I would guess that formlabs resin sticks reasonably well to stratasys materials, definitely worth a try IMHO.