Flexible resin for soft robotics?

Hello everyone, I’m new here.
Looking to make a tentacle like soft robot grip. I came across this thread:
Soft Robotics? Which was quite some time ago and wondering if more people have experimented with it since then and have some insights as to whether it’s a good enough material for the task without the need for a mold.


I can only say that judging from my experience, the standard flexible is not up to the task, since it tears quite easily. I did not experiment with resin mixtures so far, so unfortunately I can’t provide any input on that.

There are many flexible filaments for FDM printers, most of which are also extremely tear resistant, but for the really flexible/soft ones you have to get a printer optimized for these materials (direct extruder etc). Also, the usual FMD limitations apply (difficult to get reliably water/airtight, need for supports, relatively coarse resolution compared to SLA, anisotropy)

I have a liter of ALW flexible resin I’m not going to use. Contact me if your interested in it.