Soft Robotics?

Was about to buy a box of the flexible resin to try out some soft robotics projects. Does anyone have any experience with this material for this purpose? Will probably try to make some simple tentacles first.

Flexible is not very good under tension. If you pull on it hard or bend it sharply, it’ll split. Great for compressive loads but not so much for something you want to use under strain.

This material is pretty useful

tough/clear/flexible @ 33% by weight each.



That mix is very useful.
Thanks for sharing your experimental results

  1. What printer did you use Form1+ or Form2?
  2. What resin settings did you use to print?

Great work! Thanks for sharing.

Very interesting. How well does this mix do when stretched? Soft robot parts tend to have “bellow” like features which need to expand pneumatically/hydraulically.

None of the resins currently available ‘stretch’ very well. Not even Flexible resin by itself. What this mixture does is make a flexible resin that’s quite a bit stronger, more stiff and rugged than stock Flexible. And, you can print with less supports and with thinner walls than Flexible. Stock Flexible when bent over itself will tend to cleave, leaving a smooth break surface very similar to a piece of broken glass. This mix resists that behavior. It’s good for prototyping the part, but you’ll want to make a mold and use a better material for more than a proof-of-concept. It does stiffen over time.

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