Flexible Resin - My First Print

I ordered some flexible resin as soon as I got the email it was available and it arrived today! Woot!

I immediately got to printing an older piece I generated in Processing that I thought would be interesting to see both for the flexible nature, and also how well it could do with a small-ish, thin structure.

It printed perfectly, springs back into shape after squishing, and feels really neat (very soft rubbery feel)! It also tore as I was removing it from the supports. The supports are interesting in that the tips are 1.6mm wide, but still rip off the print like the finer-tipped supports with other resins. Even though there are rips in a couple of places, it still holds it’s original shape.

As a note, it is rather smelly compared to the other resins, and also very thick. It cleans up the same, however, but definitely let it drip for a while after the print is done.

Here are some pics:



Like the docs and specs say, it has very low tensile strength.
It squishes easily, but breaks quickly if you stretch it - therefore, supports rip off easy and it has to be gently peeled off the build platform.

This resin could solve my problems I had with very small parts. I made some models for jewelry on which the point size of the supports are equally thick as parts of the model. That made it very difficult to remove the parts without to crack. With the flexible version I would like to give it a try. I hope there will be castable resin that will be flexible as well in the future.

Did you do anything special to cure the resin after printing?

I was hasty with this print and didn’t put it through my UV box before trying to get it off the supports. After I ripped it apart, I didn’t do anything extra.

My next print – a small test of a wrist-strap for a wearable – I put through the UV box and was more careful when removing supports. It came out great and feels really good. Since the supports are so large, the connection points are noticeable and I haven’t tried to sand it as with other resins; that’s the next test while I’m printing the full-size wrist-straps.

I’ve printed a couple of versions of the wrist-strap, testing thicknesses, sizes, and attachment points to the non-flexible parts, and am having great success! Totally loving this material, and the options it brings. :smile:

Here are some of the WIP pics:


Is it possible to polish the finished models to a shiny finish?

All of the flexible pieces I’ve sanded have looked frosted and definitely not shiny. They look super-shiny and clear when wet with resin, but not post-processing. There might be some technique to maintain this shiny-ness and keep them flexible, but I don’t know what that would be.

Mind you, I like the frosted look, so I haven’t looked into other finishing options. :smile: