Flexible Resin: Can anyone share their experiences?

If anyone has use the flexible resin yet, care to tell you thoughts on how well it flexes, printing issues, etc.?


I have run only two test on it so far first piece came out okay but was broken by the end of the day from someone attempting to turn it inside out and ripped the material like paper. The second print was a bit larger and thicker than the first and that one fell off the build platform and into the resin tank. The second one was probably my fault as I shrank the support point size from 1.6mm to 0.8mm since the first test had huge support bumps that were a bit of a pain to get off so I should probably run another test but i just have not had the time available in the machine to run more tests.

Here is my latest test of the flex resin
My latest test is 5in X 3in X 3in with roughly a 1 mm wall thickness

Parts are a lot more difficult to remove from the build platform as the material is flexible so definitely use caution when removing the parts. Curing took a little longer than usual instead of my usual 12 minute and 12 minute soak times it was more like 20 minute and 20 minute which is no big deal for a part this size. There are definitely more supports that are a little more of a pain to remove than the more rigid resins because of the flex you literally have to cut each point with the cutters and the points are huge compared to the hard resins.

Hi @Thomas_Judy,

Thanks for responding with your experiences and images. Is that a shifter boot? The support teeth certainly are huge, and removal from the inside of your part must have been achallenge. Great to know it can handle thin walls.

Have you put the caliper to it? How’s the dimensional accuracy look?


edit: how far can you compress that bellows? can you post photo compressed? (to help understand just how flexible it is)


it is flexible but not as much as one would hope I again had a co worker come over and think hey i can completely compress this part they ended up cracking the top part of the nose off… The part is actually a flexible boot for an automated stud welder

Bending flexibility is great

Compression or tension not so much ( this seems to be where most of the fractures come from)

Tension pulling on it seems to be the most stressful but doing the compression it is stiffer then I would have expected but it is better than making a prototype tool and having one made up for testing.

Awesome! Thank You!

Sorry i just realized that i forgot to mention dimensional accuracy it is within 0.5mm of dimensional spec so it is fairly close i printed it at 0.1 so to me it is acceptable seems to shrink a little during the curing process which from what I have seen in the hard resins is not uncommon but probably increased with the materials ability to flex

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