Looking for someone

I sent a liter of ALW FLEX resin to a fellow who wanted to try it out. Just wondering what the results were as I haven’t heard anything back.

Walter, I used all of it. I have since bought about 4-5 more liters of it. I use it for a component in my custom toy pieces. It is comparable to Formlabs Elastic. Formlabs flex tears very easily. ALW Flex does is considerably more durable than the Formlabs flex. It is slightly clear like the formlabs elastic. The drawbacks to the ALW elastic are the slight stickiness it has after curing. I have found that if I use the monocure resin away, curing for 2 hours and letting air dry for 4 days it does not have the stickiness feel to it. The upside is that it is cheaper and tougher than either formlabs elastic of flex.

Hi, Jundie, I’m now looking at mixing about 1/3 ALW FLEX with 2/3 ALW GREY to get a bit more flexibility into the Grey resin. The Grey tends to be a bit brittle for the extremely small detailed parts I print. It works OK for large prints.
I’m using from 6-8 liters a month now and expect that to increase even further.