Most resilient resin?

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I am planning to print parts for a prosthetic arm for my brother (finger joints, wrist linkages, etc). I realize ABS would probably be the best option - and I will probably go that route - but for prototyping, which resin would have best strength for this application? I guess I’m looking for shatter-resitance, and all around durability. I read somewhere about folks mixing flexible resin into the standard resins to achieve slight flexibility. Would 1-2% add toughness to an otherwise brittle resin?

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I’m not sure mixing different chemistry would work too good, but nobody has reported on it yet.

Also, check out the video in this post:

Thanks Josh I’ll look into that and report back if I try it. I am also curious about omaker ABS resin, but a bit skeptical…

Steve has a bottle of omaker on order, he will let us know how that goes. He said shipping was very high though.

I just went to Kudo3D to order a bottle of the 3D Materials resin, but the fine print says it will ship when their printers ship. Anyone know if they’re shipping now? I sent them an email, but no response yet.

the guys at Kudo3d replied and said the 3d Materials resin is too reactive for the Form 1+'s tray and is only compatible with Teflon lined vats.

So I’ll look forward to hearing about the Omaker stuff

I should follow up - the shipping that was actually charged to me was (way) less than the quote at checkout; go figure. Anyway shipping was delayed due to the new year, hopefully I’ll have it on hand soon. I’m also pondering some of the resins here:

I printed a test part for Joshua using the makerjuice SF resin. It’s odd stuff. Stinky, even when post-cured for days in the sun. With thick parts hard corners seem to curl in on themselves a bit. It seems to be retaining it’s relatively tough qualities though. The base (which is pretty overcooked by the laser) was brittle, so there is obviously a limit to how much exposure it’ll take… Video of the print properties here for the curious. Only two hands and the iphone to shoot with on hand, so sorry for quality :slight_smile:


That looks nice, I’m very impressed. what color setting did you use?

Im still experimenting with the Vorex from MadeSolid. It does seem somewhat more flexible but will become brittle with increased UV exposure.

Josh the vat side of the print really does look nice and the material properties seem useful. The support side is a horrible mess though. It was printed at the Grey 01 power level.

Steve, its been suggested in a recent post about maker juice that the support mess might be from overcuring with the laser from the pigment settling. However, the print I sent you was pretty small so it shouldn’t really have time to settle. I wonder what would happen if you tried the clear 1 setting. The Vorex was less brittle on the clear 1 setting even though made solid suggested to print on Grey 1.

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