Is there an instant glue for formlab resin prints?

Guys, is there an instant glue that can be used to easily glue broken parts together for regular resin prints? I tried crazy glue and it does not work. I tried 2-ingredient epoxy glue but it takes long for the glue to become viscous enough and you have to hold the parts together all the time. I don’t like the resin+lazer pen method as I think it’s inconvenient to use. So again, is there a glue that can easily glue the parts? Thousand thanks in advance!

You can use a 1-3 second CA glue, there’s also insta-set where if it’s not quite working you can spray it and the glue will set pretty much instantly

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The best way to stick busted parts back together is to use more resin and UV light. It requires you clamp the parts together, though most other adhesives will as well. And it gives you a nearly seamless joint that’s as strong as it was before you broke it.

CA glues are fast but not necessarily as instant as they’d have you believe (I use a lot of CA for my radio control aircraft), though you can get “kicker” for CA (I use it all the time). You put CA on one surface and kicker on the other and when you press them together the CA cures in a second or two, very quickly. But CA won’t leave a seamless joint, it takes up space. And it needs a lot of surface area to be strong. When prints break they exhibit a “glass like” fracture, which is very smooth, which CA won’t do the best job holding on to.

Also, you need to make sure you print is fully cured before you try and get anything stick to it (glue or paint). If you don’t post-cure your prints, they’re not fully cured (they’re not full strength either, which might be why they’re breaking) and glue will have trouble sticking to the exposed, partially cured face of the fracture.


I do basically the same thing as Randy_Cohen does. I keep a small container of the resin in an old orange pill bottle, the plastic kind. I just dip a tooth pick in it to put it on where I want to make a repair. I have a set of orange UV flip glasses that fit on my regular glasses. Just flip it down and hit the liquid resin with a beam of the UV laser light. Mine is a Laser 301 about an 1" in diameter and 6" long. Uses a A battery. Bought it cheap on Ebay.

Basically the resin can be used to glue up just about anything that it will stick to. Tried glass but that didn’t work. I use it to glue up resin prints and castings into more complicated pieces. Can also be used for wood or metal.

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