Non-porous glue for gluing flex and standard resin parts

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a non-porous glue (that seals) to glue a clear part and a flex part together sandwiching a piece of paper.

Has anyone had any success gluing the 2 materials together at all?

Any help or advice would be great!

Thanks in advance!


Did you try using the standard resin and a 405nm light to cure it?


Thanks Chris,

I have tried that with 2 clear parts sandwiching a paper before using a UV laser pen. It works, just take VERY long time to cure the clear resin because it was not on the surface of the prints but in the middle between 2 prints and a paper.
And a but worry not sure how well the UV can go between the paper and the flex resin.

Cyanoacrylate (super glue) should be good.

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There are types of CA glues that are more viscous and come in 2-component tubes with an activator, this will allow you to fill bigger space than standard CA glue.

Alternatively all methacrylates mate well with epoxy glue.

Thank you so much guys.
I will have a go with the CA and epoxy glue. :+1:

I use lazer bond sold at most stores it has a uv light on one end and so fare works with most resins.

CA is brittle and will not adhere well to the flexible.

Epoxies also tend to be brittle, tho they will fill gaps much better.

The stickiest stuff around is urethane based glues like gorilla glue.
they come in two basic types- one is water promoted- the other is not… the water promoted urethane adhesives are elastomeric.
that means they are slightly rubbery.
you may find that an elastomeric glue gives a better bond between something rigid and something stretchy.

Use the support raft waste materials from your prints to conduct some simple tests before committing to any given glue on your final parts.

Thick Viscosity at the moment. It said its flexible and works on rubber and most plastic :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

Just a quick update. The ZAP-RT RUBBER TOUGHENED CA glued my clear to clear, HTR to HTR clear to HTR parts perfect. Super strong.
But when it comes to the flex parts, its not as strong.
It can’t slides side-way, at least I am not strong enough to do that.
However, with a bit of pull I can peel the flex part off a clear or HTR part.
Going to try is its porous.