How well does the Form 1+ Travel?

I’m an instructor at the local Maker Space in town and was wondering if anyone has reason to move their printer from location to location.

We are considering a library-style check-out system, where members will be able to take the Form 1+ home for a number of days-- maybe as long as a week.

I’d like to make sure there won’t be exceptional calibration issues related to a system like this.

@Sam_Jacoby referenced the staff using pelican crates to bring printers as luggage to trade shows, etc. in this thread:

Any other thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

To me, the construction seems pretty robust. With proper support/packaging, I do not think it will be an issue. I think the bigger concern is people getting their grubby finger prints on every conceivable surface, and dripping resin all over the insides.


Thanks Paul,

I agree. Careful training will be required to help reduce grubby fingerprints and dripped resin. Hopefully those are the sort of issues under our control, vs. internal mirror misalignment, etc.

Hi JD -

Sounds like an exciting and creative way to share the printer, and I’m glad that you’re thinking about protecting the printer from the planning stages.

Further to Sam’s recommendation of a Pelican case, we do have some tips for repackaging the printer in its original packaging. Whether or not you use the original packaging, I think it’s extremely important that you always transport the printer with both the resin tank and build platform removed. Once these are stored outside of the printer, the cardboard edge protectors and plastic wrap help to keep the printer secure with the cover aligned.

For cleanliness and ease of transport, you may want to have users start with their own clean resin tank, or devise a system for transporting resin and previously used tanks without returning the resin to the bottle.

Hope these tips help! We’ll look forward to seeing some great projects from your users.

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