How to save some resin and keep your place clean

Hi folks!

Made this simple attachement to my printing platform to let remaining resin to dip in printing vat under different angles and from any side. It doesn’t interfere with other printer hardware - i.e. platform lock, orange cover, etc.



Not sure if other photos were attached. I see only one photo in the first post so this is next one.

Umm, what about exposing the resin in the tank to all of that light?..

Orange cover is open to make photos for 10 seconds or so. If you asking more general question then I would say that photo sensitivity of resin is may be exaggerated and is not like one of photo film/paper. Far from. I used to filter same resin 3-4 times for 15-25 minutes each time in the corner of laboratory in the shadow made by pieces of carton box. Without degrading resin quality of course or having any abnormal pieces of hardened resin on filter net. We have almost zero sun light in the basement and only average luminescent lightning. Which I try to turn off when filtering resin. But not completely as sometime there are other colleagues working in the lab.

By the way my second(replacement) printer arrived wet from spilled resin (in Formlabs lab I suppose) and it was continue sipping out for sometime remaining sticky for several days. Until I decided to open printer and clean all that stuff from inside.