How to safely remove a damaged screw on Form 1+?

When I was following instruction of Formlab support team, I was not able to open the machine. When I was trying to remove the 6 crews with 2.5mm hex wrench, one of the screws (maybe it’s an old used one and made of soft metal) lost its inner hex shape, so my hex wrench cannot rotate the screw any more. I attach the photo herein. It’s the black screw in the middle. Guys Please let me know what to do.

Thousand thanks in advance.

I had this happen too. I chose a drill bit that was about the minor diameter (a wee bit bigger is ideal) of the screw…do this “by eye” by holding the drill bit by one of the screws you did get out.

The hole in the head of the screw is a perfect pilot for the drill to center on.

Once you drill deep enough the head of the screw pops right off. At this point, stop drilling and you should have enough of the body of the screw above the surface of the printer case that you can grab it with a pair of pliers and unscrew it from the frame easily.

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