How to open Formlabs 2 bezel? Massive issue over nigjht!

We got a serious issue during the night printing.
I came back to work and I noticed that a small part of the object I was trying to print (multiple prints in one build platform) was broken. That broken part had been colliding with the swipe and the resin had been going over the cartridge. Resin is now all over the place…

But…I think it is not a super massive issue since it has not been draining but mostly spilling and it seems that it can be cleaned. I read from somewhere that there is a PDF that shows you how to open the bezel for cases like this, so I can clean it. Is it true? Any similar issues anyone?

There are 2 hex screws on each side and two on the back hidden under a plastic sticker. Use these to open the case if resin spilled inside the machine.

To remove only the glass top, there are 4 hex screws you need to loosen.

Best to contact support. They can send you a cleaning manual.

Be careful, though, not to tip the printer on its side. The plastic base plate is like an egg box inside and can hold a lot of resin

Formlabs has a pretty good PDF on how to clean the machine. Just open a support ticket and they’ll send the instructions out. Got mine within a day.

Get the instructions for cleaning the mirror while you’re at it. I wouldn’t touch the mirror until you need to.

I’ll second not tipping the machine. There is a tray on the tank mechanism that can hold quire a bit of resin. Kept anything from getting inside the machine for my little splash issue.

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