How to print a hollow part without having internal supports

i am trying to print a hollow part as shown in the attached image, but ti don not want to have internal supports, because i may not be able to remove them, so i there a possible way to print it without splitting the part. i tried to add more support on the outer surface with red tag which has support issue but it doesn’t accept it

You can start it as is and see how it comes out. Red is an indication but doesn’t always mean it will fail.

Tricky print though.

O and turn it around so the high part is on the wiper side. Less peal forces on that side.

Rotate the part so that it sits on the platform like an inverted “V” and you should not need any supports except around the rim of the opening. Or if you rotate it so that open end is pointed up, you shouldn’t need any supports for any of it…

I gotta ask - what the heck is that? Are you printing someone’s colon?

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