Supports effecting print?

So you can see where the supports were for this build. My coworker and I think this would have been better if it was rectangle side on the platform, with supports in between obviously and at a slight angle, couple of degrees. There is a hole at the other end of this part, and we’ve recently learned that as the form1 builds, pressure can build up, so we think that would have still created a good print. Just want feedback on this!


Hi David,

Your instincts serve you well. If the part is hollow all the way through, then that part can indeed be printed with the rectangle pointed toward the build platform and at a slight angle. This orientation will do 2 things:

  1. Lessen the amount of support material needed. You can also play around with the “flat spacing” in advanced support settings to decrease the density even more. For a part like this I would go for fewer supports and larger touch points

2: The slope of the piece will allow resin to flow off more easily for a better surface finish