Extra material on support side?

Has anyone noticed that the surface where the supports are in contact tends to create a dome shape with about 20thou extra thickness? We’ve been milling off the surface to create a flat and smooth part, but I dont understand why this is happening regardless. Happens consistently with any part where the supports are in contact with a larger flat surface regardless of orientation or size.

Does your print require supports? If not print directly to the build plate.

i agree, most of the times it helps print directly on the platform, especially on models without large flat surfaces. The only downside of this, is that the face that touches the plate is a tiny bit thicker due to early layer compression.

It happens because the resin isn’t fully cured during the printing process, it’s “green” = soft and pliable. And every layer, those support contact points get pulled on during the peel, so they end up leaving tiny, crowned features around the contact point. There’s no way to eliminate, it’s a consequence of the printing process. Printing on the build plate solves the problem if the model allows for it. Otherwise, you want to rotate the print so that the contact points are at a higher angle of incidence (in your picture above, tilting more to the right) and/or located on a corner and/or located on a surface where dimensional accuracy isn’t required.

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