How to patch small deformity left by support taking a bit of the piece when removed

I’m printing some delicate pieces in the purple castable resin.

Sometimes when I remove a support from the piece the support takes a bit of the piece with it. Hopefully I’ll get better skilled and do that less often.

If that happened in a regular wax model, I could just drip a small bit of molten wax on the spot and carve to fix it. (Well, people less clumsy than me could do that more often than I can, but I digress.)

What material would you recommend doing that with on the castable resin? Regular wax for lost wax casting? Anyone know of a reason it wouldn’t work or know a better way to get the same end result – a patched piece?

You can just dot a little of the resin where needed and either put it under a 405nm lamp or direct a 405nm laser pointer at it.

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