Castable Wax Resin support issues

Just received my machine several days ago and already logged on a solid 40+ hours of printing. I work/am a part owner of a jewelry company so all of my prints are for delicate pieces. My main problem I have been having is the post cleanup of supports. I have played around with minizing the cone size of the supports as well as thickness and placement but I have still been consistently getting chunks taken out when I carefully clip them off. All my models run around .2mm thicker than what the finished piece will be (accounting for clean up in both the print and cast piece). These chunks that are taken out tend to exceed that depth of .2mm making the piece useless quite a bit of the time. Any suggestions on this? I have not been able to find much on the castable wax resin as it’s newer.

If you’re still using the formlabs side cutters, try grabbing a pair of good quality flush cutters instead. Get small ones with a fine pointed tip. Should help remove supports cleaner. We have a pair of Tamiya cutters that I really like.
If I’m removing supports on a delicate area/model I cut where the support meets the model and then cut further up the same support to remove it fully. This makes it easier to reach other supports which should reduce the chance of accidentally breaking other supports off.

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I second the suggestion of using high quality flush cutters. My wife does jewelry and I usually steal her very expensive Tronex side cutters (that I gave her for Christmas!) and they do an excellent job.

Man, good tools are so worth the price.

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