Best way to clean up supports on jewellery prints?

Hi guys,
I’m fairly new to 3d printing, and I’m struggling to understand how people can get a really clean final surface for casts when printing jewellery designs.
The prints require more supports than I anticipated (nobody’s fault really, but seeing images on Formlab’s site they looked like a straight print without needing supports, such as these images: & so I’d assumed I could print that way. As I say, it was an assumption so I’m not blaming Formlabs).
So now I have to put more supports against what might be a detailed area or a rounded surface, I need to be very careful I don’t remove supports, sand bumps away and end up removing this detail or flattening a rounded area.

For delicate areas does anybody have any tips (tools & techniques) for really good clean up?


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I’m not making castable jewelry but changing the spot size for supports in Preform seems to really help ease the cleanup.


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I use needle files (medium and fine) especially when trying to keep sharp angles, transitions, etc. The linked items are similar to what I bought locally, I cannot vouch for how good these are. I used medium grit files for cleaning off points general shaping, then the fine for final cleaning. Then use a soft bristle toothbrush in IPA bath to clean particles off surfaces. Can also use toothbrush/IPA combo to clean the files.

Any 3rd party software we can use to generate thin supports?